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Palantir Technologies is a private American software company that specializes in big data analytics. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, it was founded by Peter Thiel, Nathan Gettings, Joe Lonsdale, Stephen Cohen, and Alex Karp. The company's name is derived from The Lord of the Rings where the magical palantír were "seeing-stones" which allowed their users to communicate with each other or to see faraway parts of the world, until they were corrupted by Sauron.

A former employee said this in a review. - Palantir Technologies is a toxic company. New hires do most of the heavy lifting - This is a consulting company. You are not working for a software company. - No product roadmap. No product strategy. - Extremely political. You fight the big guys you are out. - Loudest voice wins. Always. (contrary to palantir claims) - Average age: 25, standard deviation of 2 years. 90+% of employees under 32. In short, kids leading a boat. - Cost cutting now that company is trying to IPO. No housing subsidy, less interesting pay, worse software quality, highly questionable cost cutting techniques / strategies. Corp cards for everyone (extravaganza) but cost cuts to product development. - People compete to “who will stay longest in office” as a cool thing. That’s because most employees, while extremely talented, have little to no social life outside of work. If you do, you’re losing that game. - Arrogance. Plenty of it. Masked in fake modesty.


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Real Estate Team (Current Employee) says

"Can be a challenging place to work. Large organization, but provides no mentoring, no real path of advancement, and difficult personalities who can't manage well a large corporation."

Business Development Mission Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Palantir is an amazing place to work with slight disconnect between government division in DC and the rest of the corporate groups. Management did encourage open communication except when it comes to what may not be going according to plan. I greatly appreciate the collaborative environment for accomplishing projects and tasks. I Highly disagree with perception of communicating an open door policy where the management does not communicate what needs work or correction.Cross Communication within business group, efficient cooperation, All the PerksCross Communication outside of business group, Poor Managerial communication on on-boarding progress"

Facilities Operations Analyst (Former Employee) says

"You must play the politics. And as the summary says....Its never good enough.good foodYou must play the politics. Hard works means nothing."

Personnel Security Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Be prepared to work many hours, they don't have enough personnel & may get overworked depending on the position. Promotion depends on who you know and if favored by upper management.Catered breakfast/lunch/dinner. Chiro and masseuse on-site.No 401k company matching. Overworked and underpaid compared to other companies." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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